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Mike – Breaking Bad

To commemorate the passing of one of the greatest hit men ever to grace the screen, I created this vector illustration of steely ex-cop turned meth dealer muscle, Mike Ehrmantraut, again represssing the urge to blow Walter White’s scheming brains out. He shall be sorely missed. Prints of the Breaking Bad character are available from the […]

Giant FIST stickers roll off the press

Courtesy of  Twisted Sticker in Toronto, BRUTE! are proud to unleash our latest monster onto the marketplace. At a pugilistic 52 inches across, this empowering emblem will stun the neighbours into oblivion when they see it emblazoned across your SUV or dirtbike. Made from weather-resistant vinyl and delivered in custom BRUTE! packing tubes, the FIST […]

Rare BRUTE! pulps

Another haul from the UK vaults uncovered some extremely rare back issues of the original BRUTE! pulp nasties. This is what started it all back in 1984. Tiny but brutal slabs of white-hot pulp, BRUTE! debuted to universal praise and sell-out print-runs. Beloved of schoolkids and pensioners, trendies and boozers, BRUTE!’s amalgamation of hard-boiled pulp […]

COPS! Limited edition vintage T-shirts

Here at BRUTE! Propaganda, we encourage a healthy dialogue between communities and law enforcement officers. With this in mind, we’ve unleashed our Limited Edition, 100% cotton T-shirt for those keen to foster a special relationship with their local constabulary. These vintage shirts were originally intended for the Notting Hill Carnival back in 1992 but were […]

Vectorised ‘A Drug Against War’ artwork

click to enlarge Every once in a while, I get the opportunity to re-render one of my old illustrations. A Drug Against War was one of my first sleeves for KMFDM and when I asked the band for a high-res copy of the sleeve, they were  only able to supply me with a heavily-pixellated version. […]

‘Homeland’ illustration.

‘Homeland’ artwork click to enlarge In April of this year, I was contacted by a client with an interesting proposition: to create a piece that accurately described his philosophy of the defence of freedom. Conceptual roughs for ‘Homeland’. Over the ensuing weeks and months, and guided by his specific and intricate instructions, I condensed the […]

BRUTE! ‘Night Witch’ artwork

Pictured is my latest portrait, entitled ‘Night Witch’, with Martina, the model who sat for it. Price: 400 euros plus 60 euros for the printing, framing and glazing (postage extra).

Rare KMFDM/BRUTE! animation frames for sale!

Very rare animation frames, original artwork and storyboards from KMFDM animations SONOFAGUN and A Drug Against War now available! All artwork is signed by BRUTE! Inquire here for free samples and availability.

Rare BRUTE! artworks discovered

During my long-postponed visit to the UK this month, I came across a number of original artworks. Stored in air-tight folders and packed into a steel chest, items from the early to late 90′s (including a number of animation frames and storyboards from the two animations I did for KMFDM) came to light as well […]

New Driving Man Poster

Driving Man, a pic of mine from back in the 80′s, has just received a makeover and the poster of the new design is now available from BRUTE! Propaganda either on glazed canvas or 250 gram photo stock. It comes in three sizes: A1, A2 and A3. Payment and shipping details from

BRUTE! Exhibition – Prague

I decided, after several requests, to stage an exhibition of my work at a small bar gallery in Prague’s famous Mala Strana district.The owners of Mad Bar (Plaska 5, Praha 5), keen promoters of modern art, suggested I use their restaurant to display my Popaganda-themed work. Instead of using the more intense images for which […]

BRUTE! Tohuvabohu Swordgirl Original

Another element from the Tohuvabohu art file.This is the original ink art that was scanned in to complete the album cover. Hand-drawn with brush-pen and rapidograph, this 5”x7” illustration was the definitive final version before I traced it in Illustrator and coloured it. I am now proud to present it for sale, price 275 euros […]

Abe Lincoln Posters by BRUTE!

Limited edition Abe Lincoln posters are still available from the BRUTE! Prop Shop, along with many others. Check them out at

KMFDM rough art from Tohuvabohu

Tohuvabohu Swordgirl rough 01 Tohuvabohu album cover concept rough sheetTohuvabohu swordgirl figure concept sheet I‘m often asked how much preparatory work goes into each album cover I do and this series of rough conceptual work goes some way in illustrating how the final design comes about.3 months before the final artwork was completed, I started […]

New BRUTE! Ink originals For Sale

Kafka CafeOld ManHitmanCones Another assortment of original ink sketches, roughs and composites for various art projects completed in 2008.As usual, to purchase any of these illustrations, please either leave your request in the ‘comments’ box below or contact me at

KMFDM Animation Frames Unearthed

A fan recently sent me two frames from the KMFDM animation ‘Drug Against War’ which I worked on with H-Gun Studios in Chicago, circa 1993. The top one is a three cel composite (additional inking by Pete Moriarty) while the one below is the basic illustration which was later coloured in Photoshop and animated in […]

New Food4Thought Ink comps

After my earlier illustration was deemed ‘too morbid’ by KPMG execs, I decided to do a friendlier version. These composites were used to create the pic and I am offering the original inks for sale. Contact me at for prices

KPMG illustration ‘Food for Thought’

A pic I did for KPMG which was deemed ‘too morbid’.Available as an ink original from BRUTE! Propaganda Inks. Interested? Leave a comment for purchasing/shipping details

BRUTE! Skateboard decks by War Effort

Series 2Series 1 Both series of the BRUTE!/War Effort skate decks are now available for 50 euros each (signed by the artist). Please contact me at for payment and shipping details.

EDEN01 – 1st Creation Poster

click to enlargeThe first graphic I did for the Creation Project, whose philosophy of graphic architecture matches my own. Their idea is to include art at the planning stage, thereby eradicating the urban scribble of graffiti whilst retaining its graphic texture. This A2 print is now available for a short period from BRUTE! Propaganda. Contact […]

BRUTE! PIG poster

A poster I did a while back for a client impressed with my artwork for the PIG vs. KMFDM sleeve. The background is supposed to represent Edgware Rd. flyover in London. BRUTE!/PIG prints are available for 50 euros (includes shipping and handling). Poster format A2. Signed by the artist. To purchase, please contact us through […]

RYAN – BRUTE! Vector illustration up for grabs

Also in this month’s ‘For Sale’ file is this vector illustration I did last year.Please contact me here if you require purchasing information for this image.

448 Demystify LOGO for SALE

Every now and again I end up with a piece of art that hasn’t been paid for and this one was done for an Australian gymnasium which has since gone out of business. If anyone is interested in purchasing the logo (at a reduced rate), please contact me here. I will add your business name […]

ZPC: BRUTE! PC game on Amazon

I made this computer game back in 1996 for Zombie Games in Seattle, Washington. It has become available on Amazon for a few bucks.Check it out while they last at: and see cut clips and animations from the game here:

Abe Lincoln Poster by Aidan 'BRUTE! Hughes Limited edition A2 full colour posters for Age of Civilisation online game. Printed on 120gm stock. Signed by the artist. Shipping and handling costs dependent on region. BUY NOW at the BRUTE! SHOP