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New Street Ad for Mad Bar

After my month-long residency at Mad Bar, the owners thought my stuff might work for an advertising hoarding they planned to install at a crossroads near the bar so I offered them this illustration of a party girl which, after a few minor changes, they accepted. By coincidence, the printers I use was printing it […]

Popaganda Show Price List

click on image to enlarge We’ve been getting a lot of emails from people who couldn’t make it to the Popaganda exhibition for details and prices so I have posted the price list for the show above. Prices are in Czech krowns so I have included a link to a currency converter below. Any further […]


Many of you coming here will have seen that my main site at is down. This is due to annual network maintenance. Business will be back to normal as soon as possible.

Blacklight movie for Fox Atomic

My old boss at Zombie Interactive, Mark Long, has recently had one of his properties taken up by Fox Atomic and has asked me to provide propaganda posters for the post-apocalyptic worlds portrayed in the script. See here for the article. More here

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I am incensed by these people. Why? Because they disrespect the work of other artists, namely the hard-working, seldom-rewarded architects who trained long and hard to do what they do. A large percentage of them barely get to design a bus stop so actually getting a building up (once its gone by the endless building […]

Abe Lincoln Poster by Aidan 'BRUTE! Hughes Limited edition A2 full colour posters for Age of Civilisation online game. Printed on 120gm stock. Signed by the artist. Shipping and handling costs dependent on region. BUY NOW at the BRUTE! SHOP