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Scarface (Tony Montana) poster

It’s been almost 20 years since I last created a portrait of Tony Montana (Scarface), surely one of the most iconic characters ever to have blasted their way out of a movie screen.

Since its less-than prestigious reception in 1983, Brian De Palma’s blazing gangster epic has become even more famous than its illustrious genre forebear, The Godfather, and remains one of the most influential (and oft-quoted) films of all-time.

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Blacklight movie for Fox Atomic

My old boss at Zombie Interactive, Mark Long, has recently had one of his properties taken up by Fox Atomic and has asked me to provide propaganda posters for the post-apocalyptic worlds portrayed in the script.

See here for the article.

More here

Anatomy of a Murder

The amazing Saul Bass.

1964 – James Bond – Goldfinger: title sequence

Despite the zero budget, this sequence is classy, sexy and, mixed with the music, iconic.

1965 – James Bond – Thunderball: title sequence

Stunning credit sequence from the master of the game, Maurice Binder.

THE LIQUIDATOR ‘Main Title’ – Shirley Bassey (HQ)

Great song, arrangement and credits

BRUTE! Artist Gallery

Aidan Hughes 12 minute BogArt

Gods Looked On

A re-edited version of our entry to the 2002 Guardian 48-hour Film Challenge.

Written and directed by Gad Kuju, Aidan Hughes and Rory Wilmer

Starring Aidan Hughes and Paul Barker

Shot entirely on location in New Brighton, Wirral.

Thanks to the Wolf for the loan of the lighthouse and extra cinematography.

BogArtBar-Paddy’s Tale

A short film I put together from footage taken while helping out on a pop video we shot in Andel, Prague.

Directed, written, edited by and starring Aidan Hughes.

London to Brighton

New poster for ZFK screening of London to Brighton

ZFK magazine

Rory Wilmer and myself have decided to create our own design magazine. Contributors to have to put their work through the ‘Filter’ before publication, thus ensuring graphic continuity throughout. Above are a couple of examples of my contributions.

kraftwerk: Man Machine

Love the graphics in this live show

ZFK cover art

A riff on Rory Wilmer’s poster art for ZFK’s screeening of Tsotsi/Surfing Soweto.

ZFK: ‘If…’

Cover art for the forthcoming ZFK screening of Lyndsay Anderson’s ‘If…’

ZFK banner art

As one of ZFK’s in-house art design team, I was called upon to design posters for the Manhattan Film Festival screenings in Prague this year. These soon became synonymous with the club and were subsequently used for leaflets, stickers and, eventually, banners for the ZFK blogsite.

ZFK Screening Sept. 2007 – the THING

Another poster for the ZFK screening of John Carpenter’s the Thing. One of the advantage’s of a DVD player is the ability to take a snapshot of any frame of the movie to use as elements of the work instead of having to rely on Google Images etc.

ZFK Screening – Danger: Diabolik

A nice balance of elements: minimal lay-out but with the graphic lettering to add a touch of motion.

ZFK screening – This is England

ZFK showed Shane Meadow’s 80′s skinhead drama and this is the graphic we used for the posters etc. I think it’d make a great shirt.

ZFK – Black & White night

Poster for the ZFK screening of Equilibrium. The theme of the movie, one man’s stand against a totalitarian regime, suits my art style perfectly. I actually think it would be an interesting idea to re-make the film in the style of Renaissance (the animation not the art movement).

ZFK – New Look Film Club

First screening of the newly-formed Zizkov Film Klub, a brand new look to the program plus a series of logo ideas.

Operation Homecoming

Great utilisation of graphic art and motion graphics. Can’t wait to see the series in its entirety.


An odd couple clean their apartment – with the help of their apartment…

This is a movie we made from the bits and pieces left over from ‘The Man Who Locks the Door’. There were no special effects used on Rory’s head.

I’ve always been a huge fan of David Fincher’s. Even the much underrated ‘the Game’ was magnificent and his upcoming movie (five years after Panic Room) looks like its going to be one of the highlights of the year. Fincher has a vision not to be interfered with (Fight Club, Se7en) and the respect for him in the industry is such that he can not only get some of the best actors in the business to work with him but he has the sort of power that can hold a film back from being entered in time for the Oscars so that he can fine-tune it. Respect.