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David Beckham Sportrait

For the second of my sportrait series for online gambling site Buddybet, we decided to run a poll on Facebook to find the world’s most popular footballer. Despite heavy competition, David Beckham came out a clear winner and it is in his honor than I created this illustration depicting the moment before he scored that […]

Day for Night: Jack the Ripper cover

Of  all the Illustrator artwork I’ve done over the years, this cover for new band Night Surgeon proved to be so intense and complicated that I had to go out and buy a new PC (each brick in the left wall has between 3-6 different layers and the RoBoHo took almost a week to complete). […]

RED DARE poster – now on sale.

RED DARE – click to enlarge Inspired by Frank Hampson’s Dan Dare comics and the Rev. W. Awdry Thomas the Tank Engine book series, this retro-futurist hover train comes hot off the BRUTE! presses this week. Printed on 200gm. photo stock in blazing scarlet, this gorgeous poster will set your wall on fire (not really). […]

KMFDM/BRUTE! fan tattoo

Recently received this pic from a fan. Thanks Mary.

World Leaders series

I was recently asked by bar owner and entrepreneur, Glenn Spicker, to come up with a series of posters for his new bar/cafe. Situated in central Prague, Glenn’s bar boasts a museums-worth of cultural gems and artefacts culled from decades tracking down propaganda from the era of Communism. Called Propaganda, the new bar is the […]

KMFDM Remix CD artwork

A remixed artwork for a remixed album, KMFDM enabled me to re-vectorize this still from the Sonofagun video for their latest release. See associated merchandise here

‘Homeland’ illustration.

‘Homeland’ artwork click to enlarge In April of this year, I was contacted by a client with an interesting proposition: to create a piece that accurately described his philosophy of the defence of freedom. Conceptual roughs for ‘Homeland’. Over the ensuing weeks and months, and guided by his specific and intricate instructions, I condensed the […]

BRUTE! ‘Night Witch’ artwork

Pictured is my latest portrait, entitled ‘Night Witch’, with Martina, the model who sat for it. Price: 400 euros plus 60 euros for the printing, framing and glazing (postage extra).

Free Fight the Jab posters _pandemic_swine_flu_bioterrorism.html In order that as many people as possible understand what is going on, propaganda must be disseminated in all quarters of the media. Starting from the street. Download from this site or email us on for your two free posters.

Rare BRUTE! artworks discovered

During my long-postponed visit to the UK this month, I came across a number of original artworks. Stored in air-tight folders and packed into a steel chest, items from the early to late 90′s (including a number of animation frames and storyboards from the two animations I did for KMFDM) came to light as well […]

New Driving Man Poster

Driving Man, a pic of mine from back in the 80′s, has just received a makeover and the poster of the new design is now available from BRUTE! Propaganda either on glazed canvas or 250 gram photo stock. It comes in three sizes: A1, A2 and A3. Payment and shipping details from

BRUTE! Exhibition – Prague

I decided, after several requests, to stage an exhibition of my work at a small bar gallery in Prague’s famous Mala Strana district.The owners of Mad Bar (Plaska 5, Praha 5), keen promoters of modern art, suggested I use their restaurant to display my Popaganda-themed work. Instead of using the more intense images for which […]

BRUTE! Death Tongue album cover – Wayne Kramer

An album cover design I did for the celebrated MC5 guitarist, Wayne Kramer.I was living in London’s Notting Hill area and his record company was at the bottom of my street. Somehow, I managed to wangle my portfolio into their offices and this is the ensuing art.

BRUTE! Tohuvabohu Swordgirl Original

Another element from the Tohuvabohu art file.This is the original ink art that was scanned in to complete the album cover. Hand-drawn with brush-pen and rapidograph, this 5”x7” illustration was the definitive final version before I traced it in Illustrator and coloured it. I am now proud to present it for sale, price 275 euros […]

Abe Lincoln Posters by BRUTE!

Limited edition Abe Lincoln posters are still available from the BRUTE! Prop Shop, along with many others. Check them out at

New BRUTE! Ink originals For Sale

Kafka CafeOld ManHitmanCones Another assortment of original ink sketches, roughs and composites for various art projects completed in 2008.As usual, to purchase any of these illustrations, please either leave your request in the ‘comments’ box below or contact me at

KMFDM Animation Frames Unearthed

A fan recently sent me two frames from the KMFDM animation ‘Drug Against War’ which I worked on with H-Gun Studios in Chicago, circa 1993. The top one is a three cel composite (additional inking by Pete Moriarty) while the one below is the basic illustration which was later coloured in Photoshop and animated in […]

New Food4Thought Ink comps

After my earlier illustration was deemed ‘too morbid’ by KPMG execs, I decided to do a friendlier version. These composites were used to create the pic and I am offering the original inks for sale. Contact me at for prices

KPMG illustration ‘Food for Thought’

A pic I did for KPMG which was deemed ‘too morbid’.Available as an ink original from BRUTE! Propaganda Inks. Interested? Leave a comment for purchasing/shipping details

Ribbon of Souls Tattoo – update

I‘ve been spending a lot of time in the cafes of Prague, penciling and inking the Ribbon of Souls tattoo design for friend and client, Chris Lefler. The pic features about 2/3rds of the eventual design and will be coloured once the inkwork has been completed in a couple of weeks. Click on image to […]

Monster Head

I‘ve never been known for producing fantasy images but here’s one I’m working on for a client’s tattoo. The image will be part of a wrap-around design intended for one of his calves and will also feature the legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. Keep checking back to see the finished image.


Another buddy pic, this time of Mike Cusato, a superb guitarist and a credit to his native Wales. I met him and his buddy Marcus when I was living on Merseyside, UK. One autumn, we went to a small cottage in Anglesey, North Wales, and recorded low-flying jets from the local air base all weekend. […]

EDEN01 – 1st Creation Poster

click to enlargeThe first graphic I did for the Creation Project, whose philosophy of graphic architecture matches my own. Their idea is to include art at the planning stage, thereby eradicating the urban scribble of graffiti whilst retaining its graphic texture. This A2 print is now available for a short period from BRUTE! Propaganda. Contact […]

BRUTE! PIG poster

A poster I did a while back for a client impressed with my artwork for the PIG vs. KMFDM sleeve. The background is supposed to represent Edgware Rd. flyover in London. BRUTE!/PIG prints are available for 50 euros (includes shipping and handling). Poster format A2. Signed by the artist. To purchase, please contact us through […]

Abe Lincoln Poster by Aidan 'BRUTE! Hughes Limited edition A2 full colour posters for Age of Civilisation online game. Printed on 120gm stock. Signed by the artist. Shipping and handling costs dependent on region. BUY NOW at the BRUTE! SHOP