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Ribbon of Souls Tattoo – update

I‘ve been spending a lot of time in the cafes of Prague, penciling and inking the Ribbon of Souls tattoo design for friend and client, Chris Lefler.

The pic features about 2/3rds of the eventual design and will be coloured once the inkwork has been completed in a couple of weeks.

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To see the earlier sketches, click here:

Monster Head

I‘ve never been known for producing fantasy images but here’s one I’m working on for a client’s tattoo.

The image will be part of a wrap-around design intended for one of his calves and will also feature the legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi.

Keep checking back to see the finished image.

BRUTE! Street Tattoo – the final stages

Chris Lefler’s BRUTE tattoo is updated with extra art.
A space on the wrist is filled with new art

side view

street detail is added

BRUTE! New Sleeve Tattoo – Ribbon of Souls

Chris Lefler, whose last BRUTE! sleeve tattoo, ‘The Street’, is nearing completion, has now commissioned one for his other arm. The design, which will curl around his arm like a serpent, will comprise of dozens of interlocking characters clambering upon each other.
Final inking to commence in a week or so so stay tuned for regular updates.

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As a Creation artist, I’m often asked to design one-off tatoos. Here’s one I did for my buddy Vincenzo (you still owe me 75 quid for this, bilend). It is designed to fit over the shoulder and upper arm with the tail curling around the elbow.