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ATOMIC Hard Wear logo.

I’ve been working for clothing company Atomic Hard Wear for most of this year, designing logos and animations for their web site and merchandising line. Ray, the owner, wanted an atomic symbol as the main graphic so we spent a few weeks toying with various versions before deciding on this industrial-looking, bolted girder effect.

Get on their Facebook group for all the pre-launch news and samples of the merchandise.

2D test ring image created in Illustrator

post overalls cruzer shirt

Some articles of clothing are so sublime, I find it hard to contain my excitement upon discovering them

I’ve seen a recent departure from the traditional military/urban jacket to a more multi-purpose, soft fabric workwear, none more so than this two-ply cotton work shirt/jacket from Post O’Alls. Along with the similar Nigel Claiborne gingham shirt jacket, these brands are paving the way for a more purpose-related garment for the modern urban male.

Anyone interested in these shirts should buy me one, size Large.

Native Boots.

I’ve always been a sucker for pagan or wilderness-inspired clothing and these Native American-inspired boots would look great with buckled knee breetches and hunting socks (Norfolk jacket and barbour fishing satchel optional).

J Shoes Hoist Boot

Gotta love these!