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BRUTE! in New York – Protest vs. Propaganda Exhibition

Due to an unprecedented workload, my only Stateside appearance this year will be as part of a group show entitled ‘Protest vs. Propaganda’ at the Sacred Gallery in New York. Appearing alongside your humble narrator will be works by such luminaries of the graphic art world as Adam Hays, Max Grundy and Shepard Fairey amongst […]

BRUTE! show opens at Napa

The BRUTE! show continues its relentless push across the city of Prague as it moves into its newest home in the heart of the historical Mala Strana district. Covering three rooms of the gallery, the exhibition includes several large canvas digital prints, custom BRUTE! skate decks and T-shirts and will continue for until July 4th […]


Short mini-documentary on the BRUTE! Popaganda show in Prague this month. Film maker Rory Wilmer and I spent the day walking and drinking along the river Vltava and discussing my work. Also contains scenes from the opening of the show at Mad Bar which features a short speech by yours truly on Popaganda reproduction.

BRUTE! Exhibition – Prague

I decided, after several requests, to stage an exhibition of my work at a small bar gallery in Prague’s famous Mala Strana district.The owners of Mad Bar (Plaska 5, Praha 5), keen promoters of modern art, suggested I use their restaurant to display my Popaganda-themed work. Instead of using the more intense images for which […]

Mad Bar

This A3 (16”x11”) ink original is now for sale. Originally designed as a wall mural for a bar that went bankrupt, I am selling the conceptual artwork for 350 euros (plus postage/packing).If you are interested in purchasing this intense piece, let me know via or in the comments section below.

Abe Lincoln Poster by Aidan 'BRUTE! Hughes Limited edition A2 full colour posters for Age of Civilisation online game. Printed on 120gm stock. Signed by the artist. Shipping and handling costs dependent on region. BUY NOW at the BRUTE! SHOP