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BRUTE! show opens at Napa

The BRUTE! show continues its relentless push across the city of Prague as it moves into its newest home in the heart of the historical Mala Strana district. Covering three rooms of the gallery, the exhibition includes several large canvas digital prints, custom BRUTE! skate decks and T-shirts and will continue for until July 4th […]

New BRUTE!/ War Effort decks in Stock!

My good buddies from War Effort have sent me the Series 2 BRUTE! decks and they look awesome! They retail for 50 euros (plus shipping & handling). Each deck will be personally signed by yours truly. Book yours today as they are a very limited edition. for details

Abe Lincoln Poster by Aidan 'BRUTE! Hughes Limited edition A2 full colour posters for Age of Civilisation online game. Printed on 120gm stock. Signed by the artist. Shipping and handling costs dependent on region. BUY NOW at the BRUTE! SHOP