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Modernism in Brno

Beautiful modernist building in Brno, Czech Republic

Scary ‘cross the Mersey

This atrocity is planned to go up opposite where I was raised on Merseyside. This motley collection of dildos, salt cellars and maintenance shafts resembles an oil refinery out of the Jetsons. Plug fucking ugly.The upside of the whole thing is that, hopefully, it won’t see the light of day and will be added to […]

Dynamo Futurista!

You’ve got to hand it to these lads: while the UK were churning out miner’s hovels ten-to-the-dozen, the Italian Futurists were designing the cities of the future. They took Russian art guru and Suprematist Kasimir Malevitch’s ‘Black Square’ philosophy and turned it into concrete. Not only that, they ran over dogs in the first sports […]

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