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Sportrait: New Orleans Saints Marques Colston

As part of my recent sportraits series, I was commissioned to tackle New Orleans Saints’ receiver Marques Colston in the traditional BRUTE! style.

Keep checking the blog for new sportraits in the coming months.


Another buddy pic, this time of Mike Cusato, a superb guitarist and a credit to his native Wales.

I met him and his buddy Marcus when I was living on Merseyside, UK.

One autumn, we went to a small cottage in Anglesey, North Wales, and recorded low-flying jets from the local air base all weekend.

Great days, great guys…

I scanned the doodle into Pshop, coloured it; ran the black and colour layers through Cutout and then dropped in a Creation background.

BOSS 01 – 02

Office manager and gang boss from the same doodle.

Art direction: Mark BBDO

Some of the concepts and storyboards I came up with while working for Mark BBDO in Prague. These are for a projected Douwe Egberts coffee campaign.


I thought I’d build an arena for Zeus and the other gods to play football in. Whaddya think?

Ad for Thique perfume

Lancome’s poster for their new eau de toilette, Thique.