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Giant FIST stickers roll off the press

Courtesy of  Twisted Sticker in Toronto, BRUTE! are proud to unleash our latest monster onto the marketplace.

At a pugilistic 52 inches across, this empowering emblem will stun the neighbours into oblivion when they see it emblazoned across your SUV or dirtbike.

Made from weather-resistant vinyl and delivered in custom BRUTE! packing tubes, the FIST sticker is going to smack the living daylights out of your, er… day.

Please check the products shop for details on how to order.

Free Fight the Jab posters


In order that as many people as possible understand what is going on, propaganda must be disseminated in all quarters of the media. Starting from the street.

Download from this site or email us on for your two free posters.Print

BRUTE! Death Tongue album cover – Wayne Kramer

An album cover design I did for the celebrated MC5 guitarist, Wayne Kramer.

I was living in London’s Notting Hill area and his record company was at the bottom of my street. Somehow, I managed to wangle my portfolio into their offices and this is the ensuing art.

BRUTE! Skateboard decks by War Effort

Series 2
Series 1

Both series of the BRUTE!/War Effort skate decks are now available for 50 euros each (signed by the artist).

Please contact me at for payment and shipping details.

Nittosha matchbox design

nice matchbox design discovered on the web

I Spy TV Opening Theme – Version 1

Some nice moves in this semi-animated 60′s cop show intro to I-Spy and the first interracial pairing in TV history

Anatomy of a Murder

The amazing Saul Bass.

1964 – James Bond – Goldfinger: title sequence

Despite the zero budget, this sequence is classy, sexy and, mixed with the music, iconic.

1965 – James Bond – Thunderball: title sequence

Stunning credit sequence from the master of the game, Maurice Binder.

THE LIQUIDATOR ‘Main Title’ – Shirley Bassey (HQ)

Great song, arrangement and credits

Postal Rampage Icons

A few mini symbols I penned for Postal Rampage back in the day.

ZFK bizcards

A few sketchy ideas for our 2008 film club business cards. I’d often wanted to toy with the elements of what goes into a good business card and then I decided, fuck it, I’ll use a magazine-style template instead.


Banner designs for Zizkov Film Klub

ZFK magazine

Rory Wilmer and myself have decided to create our own design magazine. Contributors to have to put their work through the ‘Filter’ before publication, thus ensuring graphic continuity throughout. Above are a couple of examples of my contributions.

kraftwerk: Man Machine

Love the graphics in this live show

LIFE magazine

Back in 1914, Malevitch declared his “black Square’ was the full stop in Art. The same can be said for LIFE’s covers: the purity of their aesthetic has never been beaten. Their influence cannot be more heavily stressed – just look at the early covers for ZFK programmes.

ZFK cover art

A riff on Rory Wilmer’s poster art for ZFK’s screeening of Tsotsi/Surfing Soweto.

ZFK: ‘If…’

Cover art for the forthcoming ZFK screening of Lyndsay Anderson’s ‘If…’

ZFK banner art

As one of ZFK’s in-house art design team, I was called upon to design posters for the Manhattan Film Festival screenings in Prague this year. These soon became synonymous with the club and were subsequently used for leaflets, stickers and, eventually, banners for the ZFK blogsite.

A Muse Ink

This bitch was always too stuck-up to sit for me so I just went ahead and did her anyway. Great hair and cheekbones make my life so much easier.

open transmission design

This caught my eye whilst wandering aimlessly about the web. Very nice and in all my favourite colours, too.

ZFK Screening Sept. 2007 – the THING

Another poster for the ZFK screening of John Carpenter’s the Thing. One of the advantage’s of a DVD player is the ability to take a snapshot of any frame of the movie to use as elements of the work instead of having to rely on Google Images etc.

ZFK Screening – Danger: Diabolik

A nice balance of elements: minimal lay-out but with the graphic lettering to add a touch of motion.

ZFK screening – This is England

ZFK showed Shane Meadow’s 80′s skinhead drama and this is the graphic we used for the posters etc. I think it’d make a great shirt.