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New KMFDM cover

I recently submitted my final draft for the recently-released KMFDM album ‘Tohuvabohu’. However, when I saw the print version, the background was entirely different to my version. When I asked why it had been changed, I was informed by KMFDM that it had been ‘remixed’. I’m not a big fan of music and know even less of its workings but don’t artists usually have a say in how their music is remixed? It’s like discovering the babysitter has tattooed a rude name on your kid’s head.

Anyway, see which one you think rules and which one sucks.


Ahoj and Hello to one and all,

Ahoj and Hello
MaTT&MiRO of Anagram Film CLub here… This Sunday we have another original program for you. We are pleased to have as our featured filmmaker Milos Tomic. We will be screening 4 original shorts from Milos that are not to be missed.
In addition we have “MILENA’, a strange stop frame animated tale of an amputee protitute.
We have a little short from Jan Svankmajer for all you sport fans out there “Virile Games”
For you music fans we have a few interesting music videos and a rare little piece with John Lennon and Bob Dylan from 1966….
By special ‘member’ request we will also have a little taste of Jim Hemson’s The Muppet Show and we will be screening a few shorts that we did not have time for at the last screening, including Katerina Lillqvist’s “Tytto ja Sotamies” and Adam Elliot’s “Harvey Krumpet”.
So don’t miss this Sunday’s screening of Anagram Film Club with a bigger better Anagram Quiz with more prizes.
Our next screening, #5, will be Sunday March 11th from 19:30 downstairs at:

Gusto Restaurant
Vinohradska 83
Prague 2
Just a short walk down from Green Line metro stop Jirího z Podìbrad on Vinohradska.
See you all there,