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Copenhagen Climax: XXX movie poster

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Editor of Film Rage magazine, movie producer and fellow film buff, Thomas Eikrem, commissioned me to create a suitably sexy poster for Hans Fredrick von Liljewahl’s upcoming B-movie, Copenhagen Climax. As the production had yet to have a proper script at that stage, I had little to work on other than a brief outline concerning two lovely girls up to hi-jinx in the aforementioned Danish city so I roughed out a series of  minimalist ideas based on the theme.

At first, my unorthodox take on the idea (the movie is shot in the style of a 70s porno) were thought to be unrepresentative of the period but, after discussiosn with the other producers and director, the poster was deemed satisfactory.

Check this page for updates and news of Copenhagen Climax’s release dates.

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Old Porno cartoons

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

One of the best ways for an artist to keep in the zone between art engagements is to draw porn. It keeps the hand fluid by creating curves and the eye alive by constantly evaluating shadows and light sources.

Plus, its fun!

Thanks to Deborah Ferraz for this valuable addition to my blog