Toland the Gargantuan

One of my earliest memories and artistic influences was the work of cinematographer Gregg Toland in the film Citizen Kane. His amalgamation of chiascuro lighting, claustrophobic ceiling shots and gothic interpretation of German Expressionist cinema has influenced my art incalculably (I even dream in black and white with a score by Bernard Herrmann). I made this image by pasting together three stills from a vertical pan. Bridge, skyscraper, bloke in a hat: you’ve got me!

Postal Rampage

Recently came across a bunch of mini-pics I did for the short-lived online role-playing game, Postal Rampage, back in 1998. In the game, you attempted to do your round while events conspired, in card form, to divert you from your mission. Here is a selection:


As a Creation artist, I’m often asked to design one-off tatoos. Here’s one I did for my buddy Vincenzo (you still owe me 75 quid for this, bilend). It is designed to fit over the shoulder and upper arm with the tail curling around the elbow.

Art and Ideas by Aidan Hughes