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Buffbusters Straight-to-DVD trailer.

We originally made this promo for Future Shorts
but, when they decided not to go with the comedic
excitement angle and opt instead for boring talking
heads, we edited it down for our own purposes.

Special thanks to Zoran Kovacevic as Dr.
Sinister, Rory Wilmer as my screen buddy, our DoP,
Trevor McDonald and those builders who let us
use their elevator

Written & directed
by Aidan Hughes
(shot on location at the PragueTV Tower,
Zizkov, Prague).


After proving we could make movies for no money while shooting on location in a box room, the experiment continued with a film shot using no camera at all. BLOCK is the story of a novelist who moves into Birkenhead’s notorious North End in in an attempt to overcome writer’s block. Little does he know what the future holds for him and the human race. Respect is due to Rory Wilmer for his stark, high-contrast photographs of Merseyside.

The Forgotten

I’ve always liked nutty movies like David Lynch’s Eraserhead and the weird stop-action animation of the Quay Bros. so I thought I’d not only pay homage to these great artists but extract a little piss at the same time. I shot this in one tiny room in 20 mins using a feather duster, an action figure, an old duvet and a bust of an old Jamaican guy.