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Kurator magazine cover by BRUTE!

Too few times in an artist’s life will come clients offering him creative control over their content.

And so it was with now-defunct Kurator, whose art director seemed happy enough with my work until last month when they went suspiciously quiet and refused to answer my emails.

A quick scan of the web reveals no such magazine. Ah well.

Its a bitch of a time to be starting up such endeavors and my condolences go to the staff of yet another deceased monthly art and design title.

UPDATE: I spoke with the editor of the mag who informs me that they will be back in business in the next couple of months once they sort out their advertisers.

Here’s the first of two covers I did for Kiev-based Kurator magazine.

Ink Originals from the featured cover will shortly be available from this blog.

BRUTE! Crash Helmet Designs!

One of the cool things about my job is the opportunities it throws up to make you see the work in a new light.

I was recently asked to do a series of helmet designs for a racing team and was intrigued by the way the shape of the helmet dictated the dynamics of the art.
Shortly after sending in these roughs, I began to build and texture the helmet in 3D, the results I will post later.