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Ribbon of Souls update

In the final stages of the tattoo design. Colours have been saturated to give more of a feeling of old skool sailor tattoos to correspond with the dark noir of Chris Lefler’s ‘Street’ tattoo on his other arm.

I imagine there will be more tweaking over the next month with possibly a character change or two (‘Are there too many naked women?’ I ask myself).

Musashi Tattoo

The final image for Vincent Compean’s calf tattoo featuring legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi conquering a fictitious monster. This took me almost four months of research and conceptual designing and I am more than happy with the result, especially as its fantasy aspect is one that’s relatively new to me.

Check back to the blog in a couple of months to see how the tattoo is progressing.

To see the monster head in detail, go here:

Ribbon of Souls Tattoo – update

I‘ve been spending a lot of time in the cafes of Prague, penciling and inking the Ribbon of Souls tattoo design for friend and client, Chris Lefler.

The pic features about 2/3rds of the eventual design and will be coloured once the inkwork has been completed in a couple of weeks.

Click on image to enlarge

To see the earlier sketches, click here: