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Traxbox CD boxed set artwork.


I was asked by old friend and rare dance music enthusiast, Ian Dewhirst, to create the cover artwork for their CD collection of dance classics from Chicago’s legendary Trax Records back catalogue.   I agreed and spent the next week roughing out several concepts before settling on the one above.


When plotting out a character’s lines, I want to make as much impact from the lighting as possible and so, to ensure maximum flexibility, I built the DJ first in 3D so I could experiment with multiple set-ups.


On finding the right angle, I printed out the 3D face and then inked it in by hand before scanning it back into Illustrator for the final vector re-drawing.

Logos and lettering also by yours truly.


To order a box, go here

High Jump poster (now on sale)

I was commissioned to come up with a suitably dynamic image for this year’s High Jump freestyle diving competition here in the Czech Republic. Much of the artwork I’d seen for similar events had been from photographic sources that focused mostly on side shots so I wanted instead to use an improbable POV to heighten the drama of the dive. Using under-lighting, I was able to bring out an urgency to the face and hands and utilised the natural cliff shapes in the background to force speed and perspective. For the text, I created a style that merged both techno and retro themes, mimicking those racy pulp cover titles of the 50’s. The weight of the title grounds what would be a top heavy composition without it.

The new print of this poster is now available. minus text, from the print section of the BRUTE! blog shop.

New BRUTE!/BMW Racing Helmet

James helmet James helmet3 James helmet2

New photos in from my mate on the BMW racing team showing the new BRUTE! design. Very bright and bold and a real bitch to do, apparently. Thanks to James Clay from Bimmerworld for the photos and kudos to Mike Savage at Savage Designs for the PJ.

To see the rough art for this design, go here and here

BRUTE! Crash Helmet Designs!

One of the cool things about my job is the opportunities it throws up to make you see the work in a new light.

I was recently asked to do a series of helmet designs for a racing team and was intrigued by the way the shape of the helmet dictated the dynamics of the art.
Shortly after sending in these roughs, I began to build and texture the helmet in 3D, the results I will post later.

ZPC: BRUTE! PC game on Amazon

I made this computer game back in 1996 for Zombie Games in Seattle, Washington.

It has become available on Amazon for a few bucks.
Check it out while they last at:

and see cut clips and animations from the game here: