Rare BRUTE! pulps

Another haul from the UK vaults uncovered some extremely rare back issues of the original BRUTE! pulp nasties.

This is what started it all back in 1984. Tiny but brutal slabs of white-hot pulp, BRUTE! debuted to universal praise and sell-out print-runs. Beloved of schoolkids and pensioners, trendies and boozers, BRUTE!’s amalgamation of hard-boiled pulp and savage illustration exploded onto the literary world with all the subtlety of a steak hammer to a bunny head. Taking their inspiration from men’s magazines of the 40s and 50s, authors Aidan Hughes and Malcolm Bennett turned literary convention on its collective head throughout the 80s, the magazine spawning a cartoon, a kids’ TV series, a best-selling paperback and several major advertising campaigns before breathing its last in 1989 with issue 7.

I have available for sale several copies of issues 5, 6 and 7. These are in a very good condition, having been stored in air-tight containers, and the colours are still vivid.

Printed on glossy A6 format art paper, these are sure to increase in value and are a bona fide collector’s item. They are nowhere to be found on the web nor any book nor comic shops, to my knowledge.

Before I auction them on eBay in two month’s time, I am offering them here for 60 euros each + shipping (multiple orders possible).

Please contact me via bruteprop@gmail.com or purchase direct from the products shop

Be sure to order yours today!

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