4 thoughts on “BRUTE! – KMFDM CD Sleeve for ‘BLITZ’”

  1. Of course, I think that this is outstanding work … I don’t think I could ever seperate you from the band.

    Do you think you will ever take your art work out for showings ever again?

  2. I’m at present working on a show to be staged here in Prague although the theme hasn’t been finalised yet. I have a real hatred for the gallery system so this exhibition will take place in a bar.

    Along with Sascha, I’m the only one whose remained with the band for their lifespan. Where’s me gold watch?

  3. WOW! Really dig this one, it might be my favorite one I’ve seen you do for them. Your work has always been great, but I think it’s actually is getting better over the past 5 years!

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with next! 🙂

  4. Keep checking this blog is the best way. I have a number of really exciting projects coming up in the next year so keep watching!

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