Kelly Brook Vector Pin-Up

After a successful re-rendering of Girlz, I decided to embark on an epic vectorisation of a photo of Kelly Brook.

It is now a scientifically proven fact that Kelly Brook has the perfect body.

Scientists at the University of Texas say that her perfect waist to hip ratio, which happens to be 0.70588253, makes her visually very attractive.

The research has proved that the waist to hip ratio is the secret to attraction. The lower the ratio, the perfect the figure.

Measuring your waist at the narrowest point and dividing it by the measurement of widest point of your hips calculates the ratio.

Anyone around the 0.7 mark has the visually most attractive body.

So, what better way to reproduce her than in Illustrator?

The original photo

One thought on “Kelly Brook Vector Pin-Up”

  1. Looking at the photo, I would have to agree!

    Funny about the hip to waist ratio … I never knew that until now, but that is one of the key areas I ‘grade’ when looking at women.

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