Dynamo Futurista!

You’ve got to hand it to these lads: while the UK were churning out miner’s hovels ten-to-the-dozen, the Italian Futurists were designing the cities of the future. They took Russian art guru and Suprematist Kasimir Malevitch’s ‘Black Square’ philosophy and turned it into concrete. Not only that, they ran over dogs in the first sports cars, drank polluted factory effluence and made music out of noises (Zang Tum Tum).
Whatever happened to Art Movements?

One thought on “Dynamo Futurista!”

  1. I see you are also interested in the puzzle of fluid dynamics in a pressured vortex as expressed by a venturi nozzle.Me too.
    Whenever you do a graphically stripped minimalist image with contrast; shallow 1 point;or strong compression ;and a 2 or 3 color scheme IF you looking for the historical anticedents BANG! You run straight into the politically bent gun barrel art 1910-1950 propaganda art.Im less political then my stray cat Buddy;but thats where you end up. Now I think they stole from the graphically strong print art preceiding them some of which was wood engraving;which has pretty stripped out visual decoding conventions as well.

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