2 thoughts on “Gods Looked On”

  1. This was way cool … did I mention how much I liked ‘King’ Kirby and Steve Ditko?

    I am a Marvel cat from the 80’s … John Byrne, Walt Simonson’s Thor run in the 90’s … would love to hear your take on what is what in comics … but I guess you do that elsewhere …

  2. I have no idea what’s hot at the moment in the graphic novel scene. I haven’t really looked at any since I left the States. The last thing I was into was Geoff Darrell’s Hard Boiled and Big Guy comics. I think what put me off was that they seemed to have lost their proletarian edge, the idea of cheap art in a kid’s back pocket. I’m not saying I didn’t keep mine in dust jackets too but I loved the pulp aesthetic of comics back then. The standard of storytelling has gone up but a lot of the superhero comics I’ve glanced at seem to be suffering from constipation of the Photoshop filter when it comes to the art.

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