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  1. Hi, I am writing to ask you about a cover for a new short story collection I am putting together at the moment. I found your site and love your work. If you have a look at my web site you can get an idea about me. And there are some links to a lot of the stories. I may get it published by a small press or do it Independently depends on the best deal I can get. … the Title Will be… So what? Tales by Nick Gerrard. the paperback would be about 13.3 x 1.6 x 20.3 cm size. Not sure how much you would charge for it? If We could use an old piece and just incorporate the lettering or a whole new piece. The stories are described as gritty realism…From Gay alcoholics, union leaders, punks, junkies…to Czech roma and Jewish camp survivors via a spell in a physco ward….Outsiders of some sort. Not losers but fighters of some kind and characters. I can send you a file of the stories if you need to … ps. I live in Olomouc, I think you are in Prague, we could meet up sometime, if you up this way let me know…be great to see an exibition of your work here, I can maybe help set it up if you would like..let me know cheers nick

  2. I am looking for a domestic poster of the KMFDM Money cover art featuring the man and the woman in frame with the purple background. What would it take to get one? I have searched a over the NET for one.

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